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Capt. Keith Gladin  912-658-4135


2018 Season Photo's


Shaun Ansell with his Big Red

Amber Ansell With her Big Red




Bella Ansell with Her Big Red & Kyler with his !!!



2016 Season Photos 


 Jessi Boyd May 21,2016   

                                                                                                                                           May 25 , 2016


  Joe Traylor May7. 2016




2015 Season Photos


















2014 Season Photos

Oct. 11, 2014




Oct. 10, 2014




Camron and Mattie Stubbs had a Good Day on Oct. 1 & 2 


Doug Raymond and Bobby Wiliamson had a Good Day on Sep.22, 2014


Douglas Why and son with a couple of nice Red Fish

May 16 , 2014




2013 Season Photos

                                                                                          Mike and Chris Flynn with some nice Trout on July 20th



                          Jennifer and Roger from Brunswick Ga.                                                                                                 July 19th                                           



These Guy's had a Great 4th of July Fishing Trip

!!!! Parnell and Tanysha were Luv N It while catching these babies !!!!




 The Resnicks from New Jersey on June 27,2013

     Luke Resnick with his 23" Redfish          Ryan Resnick with a Tybee Tarpon

Fran these are two find young men, keep them fishing!!!

     Their Father  Fran Resnick  with a Black Drum





  Capt. Keith Jr. with nice Trout


   Capt. Matt with 51/2 LB. Sow                 


2012 Season Photos


   Aug  2012      Aug  2012



   June 2012




Debbies Trout  April 29, 2012

2011 Season Photos

   Nov. 25 2011             Dec. 31 , 2011              


  Sep 8, 2011                  Oct 20, 2011


Sep. 10, 2011


2010 Season Photos

!!!  Click on Image to Enlarge  !!!



Nice Catch of Trout Nov.11,2010




Mike & Gorge from Connecticut with his 27" Red Fish Oct. 8,2010

Mike I Hope He Let's you Live This Down




                     Kenji,Yukie & Takumi with their catch including Takumi's 25" Redfish he had to throw back.




                                                         John Gencey Of Clay County West Virginia Aug. 29,2010







 Gina Palmer from Atlanta with her 7 LB.Redfish









                Triple Tail  caught June 23, 2010




              Norma Perkins with a Nice Trout caught  June 24, 2010   


                                                                Shark Caught May 28 2010

  Ten Year Old Elijah with his 6LB. Red Fish
May 16,2010



                                                            30 Inch Red Fish May8,2010                                             





                 Six LB. Sow Trout Caught May16,2010 





                                                                               Some Fish Caught On May 8,2010




23 inch Red Fish  April 25 2010







                                          6 LB.  Sow Trout caught  April 21,  2010  





       3LB. Sow Trout caught 4/18 /2010







                                                                    Two Nice Trout Caught April 11, 2010







   281/2 LB. Striper caught March 2010






                                                                                            2009 Season Photos





                                                                               Matt Love on the right with a nice Trout in 2009


   Nice Trout Caught By Frank Alnito In 2009



                                                                                                      36" Red Caught By Me Oct. 2009

     Flounder Caught by Capt. Matt Lee, My Son N Law.    Oct 2009

                                                                            More Fish Caught by Capt. Matt Lee

  Nice catch of FLOUNDER IN 2009