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Dallas from Ohio with some nice Trout caught on May 8,2010 

Dallas & I had such a Good Time on the Charter Tuesday he wanted to go back Thursday







           30" Red Fish 




May 6, 2010   28 Inch Red   


       April  11,  2010                                                     March  9,  2010



April 18 2010   3LB.5OZ. Sow Trout                                                 April  21 2010  6LB. Sow Trout








    23  Inch Red Fish Caught April 25, 2010




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!!!  Sow Trout  !!!

Trout start to move back into shallow water flats in the spring after the cold waters start

to warm,when this happens the bite picks up. A good many of these are sow trout or females

which makes this a good time to catch some of the biggest trout we have in Savannah. From March to

June is a good time for these fish to show up, so book your Trip today.